ARKSTONE is where you come for your Industrial, Marine, Agricultural machinery and equipment solutions. At ARKSTONE, variety and reliability are the foundation of our corporate culture. With a long list of happy customers, who can rely on us to keep our promises and know that our products are of the highest quality. With our long experience as a supplier and also an end user ourselves, we can design customised solutions that strengthen our customers’ competitiveness and help to increase productivity and safety.

We are connected to a reputed globally leading manufacturer of equipment and tools for Industrial, Marine and Earth moving Machinery. We are also proud to manufacture products and solutions of the highest quality and our processes follow the highest applicable quality and safety standards in the industry. We are a customer-oriented company with a strong focus on meeting customer needs.


Our products are designed and manufactured with quality criteria,performance, robustness, durability, with high reliability. Our people represent the best of skills in manufacturing top quality products.


ARKSTONE operates in United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Indonesia and with a number of representatives active globally. Most of the development and manufacturing of marine spares is carried out in the main headquarters and factories in China and Indonesia.

Quality assured, compliance to standards, qualifications, skilled labor, seriousness, honesty and utmost consideration by the customer are the main differences that makes us a leader in the industry.