HEAVYLOAD Group of Companies dates back to the early 1980’s. The main activities then can be summarized as; various shipping services, vessels handling ownership and management, port operation services, cruise ship ground handling operation, vessel deliveries, ship chandelier, general goods import and exportation.

HEAVYLOAD Group has strengthen its establishments by opening its offices in different countries to provide a broader range of professional services to a diverse list of clients that includes active players in the global industry and those new comers. Today our presence can be felt throughout the South East Asian and Middle East region. HEAVYLOAD has built a reputation that stands for quality products and services. Its mission is “to lead, excel and serve”…


Heavy Load Marine Specializes in Vessel Constructions, Vessel Deliveries, Dry Docking and in Manufacturing&Trade of Marine Lubricants.

With its two Shipyards in Indonesia, located in Kalimantan Timur (PT. Heavy Load Indonesia Boat Yard), we have the capacity, capabilities and expertise to undertake dry docking, repair, upgrading, conversion and specialized construction for Landing crafts, Barges, Pontoons, Tugboats, work boats and Dredgers.


Dedication and customer’s satisfaction are the complementing factors that our forefathers valued greatly of which we are very proud of inheriting. We have been brought up to be good believers of hard work, faithfulness and honesty which have led our good name to come a long way over the many years. Our growth has been organic and concentrated on what we know and do. We have learned to take conservative approaches on all aspects of our business conduct in order to achieve steady and good results, we invite you to browse our websites and see for yourself how we can serve you better.